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The Los Angeles Unified School District provides an instructional program tailored to meet the diverse needs of English learners (ELs) and the educational preferences of the parents of ELs in elementary schools.  The  instructional program for English Learners guarantee access to a full curriculum with scaffolds an  support for students in elementary grades at different levels of English language proficiency. The ultimate goal for each instructional program option is for ELs to meet performance criteria to reach full proficiency in English. All students, including ELs who are now in elementary grades, are expected to participate fully in college-preparatory (A-G) courses upon entering secondary grades and to graduate from high school ready for college and careers.


Reclassification” is the process by which an English Learner is deemed to have acquired sufficient proficiency in English to succeed academically without English language development support. For all of the five instructional programs listed in this brochure, ELs are expected to reach minimum yearly benchmarks in English Language Arts and English Language Development so that they may reclassify within five full years of initial identification as an English Learner. Students are eligible for reclassification at the end of kindergarten. To reclassify, an English Learner must meet all the following criteria at the same time:

  • Achieve at least basic grade level performance as measured by the state assessment (grades 3-5) or required assessments in English Language Arts (grades K – 2), and
  • Score “Early Advanced” or higher (“4” or “5”) on the CELDT, with score of “Intermediate” or higher (“3”. “4”, or “5”) in each of the domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and
  • Earn a mark of 3 or 4 in English Language Arts on the Elementary Progress Report.

To complete the reclassification process, a Notification of Reclassification Letter must be signed by the parent and placed in the student’s cumulative record.