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Resource Specialist

Resource Specialist

The Resource Specialist Program serves students from general education classes with academic learning needs, documented through the special education evaluation process. Through this evaluation process student’s identified needs in the areas of academics are documented on an Individual Education Plan, referred to as an IEP. The academic areas of focus are Reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Decoding, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension), Writing, and Mathematics.

The Resource Program is intended to provide a variety of supports and strategies to help students access their core subjects with increased understanding and serves as additional practice with a variety of approaches to increase student success. Students are taught in small groups with multi-sensory strategies to help them with understanding, concept development, and recall /retention of new skills taught.

Student’s eligible for Resource Specialist Program Services receive academic supports through two types of service models. The service delivery models are based on each student’s needs and are delivered in either small group instruction (outside the general education class for a period of minutes outlined in their IEP, Individualized Education Plan), or push-in support (instructional support within the general education classroom for a period of minutes outlined in the IEP plan).

The Resource Specialist Program gives students’ with learning disabilities targeted supports to help build increasing progress toward learning grade level standards.