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Arts Program

Arts Program


There are currently 254 full-time Elementary Itinerant Arts positions filled by credentialed, full-time and part-time teachers: 43 dance, 43 theatre and 43 visual arts teachers who work in teams; and 125 general and instrumental music teachers. This means that on any given day, approximately two thousand classrooms receive arts instruction from highly qualified arts specialists, and over the course of the week, that number is close to ten thousand classrooms. Elementary Arts Teachers provide direct instruction to students and strategically support classroom teachers in growing their capacity to teach foundational skills in all arts disciplines. This cultivates integration of arts strategies across the curriculum that fundamentally improve student achievement in literacy and numeracy. Arts teacher teams collaborate with school faculties, curriculum teams and administrators in creating, over time, school-based plans for full implementation of arts instruction for every student at every grade level.


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  • Theatre
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